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Lisette's Events Blog About Lisette Lisette's Events Blog Wise, mysterious visitors selected Lisette Larkins for spiritual initiation  in the fall of 1987. She was a young wife and mother, having mysteri- ous paranormal experiences that only she could see and hear. Initially,  she feared for her sanity and the welfare of her son. On top of that, she  was struggling with an abusive employer and a failing marriage. Secretly,  Lisette’s then-husband arranged for her to be admitted to a psychiatric  hospital. Her only possible escape was to apply the spiritual lessons that  had first been posed by the strange visitors who had turned her world  upside down. Armed only with profound otherworldly guidance, she set  out to prove her sanity and regain custody of her son, which were “tests”  designed to demonstrate her emerging spiritual mastery in calmly find- ing solutions to difficult problems with dignity and grace. Lisette Larkins reveals all that she has learned from wise extrater- restrial visitors who are here to help us evolve. Her fifth book, Above and  Beyond, will initiate you on your journey to become more fully human  by revealing the marvels of your immortal heritage and the glorious ad- ventures of eternal life “behind the veil.” e reality is . . . it could happen to anyone! LISETTE LARKINS has been implementing her ET men- tors’ counsel for more than three decades. As a result, she  lives a dream life in Malibu, California, training at Cross Fit,  volunteering with her therapy dog Kelly, writing new books,  speaking and lecturing on abundance creation, creating new  projects, and enjoying a life filled with laughter, abundance, and joy.